Why do I need a concealed carry license?

Only a few states allow you to carry a weapon or a gun concealed without a permit or license. Most states require some form of license to carry a weapon. The requirements vary dramatically from state to state so be sure you abide by the law of which ever state you happen to be a resident of or are traveling in.

If I live in Nevada, why do I need a Utah license?

The Nevada CCW is not recognized in Washington State or New Mexico, but the Utah CFP is good in Washington. Nevada’s permit is recognized by approximately 33 other states but Utah’s CFP is recognized by 35+ states. Oregon does not recognize anybody’s permit except Oregon. Please note this is subject to change so please verify that the permit you have is recognized by the state you will be in at the time you will be there.

Why would I need a Arizona license?

Arizona is what we call a constitutional carry state.  The State of Arizona is one of the few that does not require you to have a permit to carry concealed in their state.  The Arizona permit gives you New Mexico that the Utah, Oregon and Nevada do not and it gives you extra privileges if you visit Arizona.

How do I get my permits?

You must attend a handgun safety class taught by a certified instructor to acquire any of the above licenses. The specific requirements for application vary by state. To acquire the Utah CFP you must take the Utah class from a Utah Certified Instructor.  Most instructors are not Utah certified.

Do I have to go to Utah to get the Utah license?

No, you can make your application by mail. You need the state application completed by you and stamped and signed by your instructor (who must be certified by Utah), fingerprints, a passport photo and a copy of your photo ID are included in the price you pay us.

How do I sign up for a class?

You can sign up on our “Class Schedule” web page. Choose the class you want and then you can use your credit card. You can also mail a check to us prior to the class. See our “Contact Us” page for the information you need. You are considered registered when your payment is received. We have the classes listed several different ways.

I want to organize my own class, is that possible?

Yes. If you have a group that wants a class we will come to your location if you have a minimum of 10 paid students and the class is within Nye County. You will need a large room to accommodate this. I recommend coming to one of our scheduled classes

What other classes do you offer?

We do one on one live fire training.  Send us an email to schedule the one on one. Check the website and our facebook page (facebook.com/BGSnv) for announcements about other classes.  Facebook is where we publish special announcements and special offers. We recommend you follow us on Facebook.